Mistral Andalucia

Mistral Andalucia

Our most advanced mistblower perfect for almond and olive crops. Double jets row (28 jets) and “olive” deflector optionally available.UPN chassis with 125 telescopic tow bar square section and ring type hitch Ø70. Parking brake, hydraulic piston brake and hose brake, 2000 and 3000 Liters equipments include: axle Ø60 AT.160 pisa: 1900, wheels 11.5 / 80 to 15.3 “AT. 160 12 canvases and polystyrene deposit, 4000 Liters equipments: main tank made of polyester, axle Ø80 AT. 160, wheels 400/60 15.5 “and axle springs, Every model is equipped with the MISTRAL 900 fan group: 2-speeds gearbox, clutch, air pre-distributor, 9 nylon and fiber, 14 jets., chemical induction tank at the top of the tank and “V” deflector, Optional extras: homokinetic transmission, cleaning robot, chemical induction tank and 14 canvases wheels for 14 jets models.