Ransomes Hydraulic TG4650/3400

Ransomes Hydraulic TG4650/3400



Hydraulic TG4650/3400

A popular choice with local authorities, grounds care contractors and turf growers, the TG range by Ransomes® can be quickly and easily attached to, or detached from, the tractor unit. The cutting units can be folded in various configurations to suit the terrain being maintained.

  • Working width TG3400 3.42m (135″) and TG4650 4.69m (185″)
  • Transport width TG3400 2.17 (85.5″) and TG4650 2.28m (111″)
  • Cutting units on the TG3400 are 5 sets of 8 blade floating head or 5 sets of 6 blade fixed head units
  • Cutting units on the TG4650 are 7 sets of 8 blade floating head or 7 sets of 6 blade fixed head units
  • Requires a tractor of 37kW (50hp) minimum for TG3400 or 44.7kW (60hp) minimum for TG4650
  • Please Note: Due to legislation requiring technical manuals to be printed in multiple languages, this product may not currently be available for purchase in all non-English speaking countries.  Please contact your nearest distributor or Contact Us for full details.