Ransomes HR 300

Ransomes HR 300



HR 300

The HR300 utilises a 3 cylinder turbocharged 33hp Kubota® diesel engine. This is matched with a revised hydraulic transmission system giving high torque and high power. The improved transmission efficiency provides an out-front rotary or flail mower with superior hill climbing ability. There’s a choice of wheel widths for better stability and an operator platform that has better accessibility.

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  • Hydraulically-driven Rotary Deck or Flail head – Eliminates need for PTO shaft and gearbox, allowing maximum articulation on uneven ground. The lack of PTO shaft also allows the mower to be mounted closer to the tractor to reduce the overall length and the need for excessive counter balance weights.
  • Overload protection – The combination of flail and tractor is protected from overload by hydraulic pressure relief valves, reducing risk of machine failure.
    Cuts wide variety of grass – Perfectly matched decks and tractor unit provides exceptional performance in wide range of conditions.
  • Low maintenance – considerably lower serviceability index than competitors’ products. Fewer moving parts and significantly less lubrication points than similar machines.
  • Exceptional storage – optional storage pods and tank-mounted carry racks for tools and other items
  • Reduced noise and vibration – significantly less than prop shaft-driven machines
  • Please Note: Due to legislation requiring technical manuals to be printed in multiple languages, this product may not currently be available for purchase in all non-English speaking countries. Please contact your nearest distributor or Contact Us for full details.